Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday's Memories - Steve

ondays'emories !

Our person today you see for Monday Memories is

teve Meyer. He comes to us from the Sunnyslope farm. Here he is as a Boy at Sunnyslope mixing with his families maternal side,


I have been having so many memories of him this last month, especially since I realized I totally forgot his birthday. I mean several months before I kept thinking I will send a card. etc. Then all of sudden I find it's after the birthday. I keep hopeing I sent the Christmas Card. So many did not get done this year. Still laying in a spot all of their own. [If your address hadn't changed, you probably got one. [If your address has changed last fifteen years, probably not] I will do better next year. Hopefully I will start earlier.

So I kept thinking of him and thought of a special post in his honor. I thought since I did do his brother two months ago, why not honor him with a post. I hope he sees it and likes it. [After all we all have different perspectives or opinions on many things.]

At any rate inspite of my doing no phone calls, no cards, and the poor pictures that I have here, he is very special and well loved.

In time I will dig up a few more and add them.

He is a wonderful spouse, father, brother and friend to many.

Happy Belated Birthday Steve.

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