Sunday, March 8, 2009

Casual Christmas day picture of some of the Meyers family.

Left to right. Herman William, JoAn, Steve, [Grandpa] - Herman Henry. Here the Meyers are in the happy after glow of the Christmas celebration.

Looking at the picture, I wonder what Grandpa Herman was thinking while looking at something.

Before or after little Herman's acquisition of that basketball, a hoop for it was put up by the corn crib.

I suppose you thought little JoAnn would be wearing a holiday party frock. You got to love those coveralls of hers, which I can say, made her as colorful and festive as the Christmas tree.

I have always loved little Steve with his Daniel Boone coon skin hat in this picture. His grin is priceless.

Lyle, Amanda and Mary had visited the San Antonio, the city of the Alamo and brought back the Coon hat for Steve. I wonder if that is howcome the family had a Daniel Boone lamp. I'll have to show it to you sometime.

The children didn't always get much, and they rarely asked for a lot. So when they did get what they had wanted, or felt the love, it did bring pride to their faces. I guess, they didn't always know what other children were getting!

Someday, I will figure out what year this photo was taken. I'll have to ask the cousin to see, if she knows when they went to Texas. It must have been around 1958 or 1959.

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