Monday, September 15, 2008

Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

Here's the little 4H'er with his lamb at the Sunnyslope Farm. He may have been grooming his sheep. Or learning how to pose his animal. Or maybe Annie said she wanted a picture of him with his Lamb. I have seen through various pictures that she encouraged her boys in their activities in the 4-h club. I think too, that she must have been a good 4-H Leader. I am sure she guided her boys to do a good job in each of their interests.

The lad must be thinking his sheep will win ribbons at the fair. Dwight had quite a few ribbons in his collection box. He kept it up on the second floor of that old red barn you see behind the tyke and his sheep.

I am not sure who the lad is. It could be Lyle or Dwight. the little boy is grabbing at the sheep with his left hand, that could mean hand preferance . That might be something to point to Dwight. Dwight was left handed.

I don't know how many sheep Herman Meyer had on the Sunnyslope farm. I had gathered over the years that the raising of sheep was something special to Herman. I mean it was special to him because of his descendency from a shepherd. Johann Juergen Meyer of Neetzendorf -- [ And Radenbeck. ] Even some of the Luhmann family were shepherds.

After Dwight more or less took over the farm after Herman was retired, he kept on raising sheep. Raising sheep took less work than raising a dairy herd. But after a time he sold them all. Maybe there was a decline in the wool industry.

Over heard conversation leads me to conclude that this breed of sheep was a diferent variety than those of the normal farmer in the area. I couldn't say for sure what the breed was. I don't know either, if they ever mixed or changed variety of sheep breeds. You know how it is, unles the interest is there one just does not notice.

I had a pet sheep myself from their flock. His mamma didn't want him, so we had to feed him and raise him from a bottle. But I can't remember what kind of face he had. White or black. I will have to see if, I can find an old picture of Blackie. Tee hee. [ The name should tell me something, right?]

I was a little disappointed, when he took to butting. But well, I am sure I deserved it. Okay, I did try to ride him when I was little. I know shame on me. [About that time Steven Meyer was sitting on top of his huge cow that he had raised from a calf, so I must have thought it looked like a good idea.]come on were not the first group of children to do such a thing.

The 4- h club or his experience from raising them must have taught Dwight alot about sheep. He did a good job with helping me raise Blackie. Herman offered advice now and then.

It would have been nice if Annie had lived longer to help me too.
With her around, I bet I would have been in the 4-h club. I was never in it. Sylvia had considered it when the opportunity rose. The decision was somehow made not to have the family be active in it. There was always more important farm work to be done.

You know, I have no idea what kinds of sheep there are around the world. I should check on that someday. I guess that would be a good rainy day cruise on the internet.. I 'll have to see what I can find out about the breeds of sheep. I will let you know if anything pertains to the sheep raising at Sunny slope.

Now I see Little Women in the black and white version is on tv. I can't pass that up. I will be back later. Enjoy your evening.

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