Friday, July 18, 2008

Well attired successful farmers with their chicks

A properly attired man doing his job.
Cheep, cheep, cheep. Here chicky chicky!

He sure does know how to get the chicks.
I think Annie was very good at taking pictures. They learn how to take nice pictures through the 4-H club. I couldn't tell you who was the chick attractor in the picture. Dwight, Lyle Meyer or someone else. Dwight was left handed. Maybe the way this guy holds the pan is an indicator that he is left handed.

I have shown this picture to other people and they have remarked what a large chicken house that is. I have never given it much thought. It could be true, I have seen much smaller ones.

This guy is a big charmer. Not only with the chicks. Wouldn't you like to just give him a hug. Boy, the love in that picture is evident. I tried to reduce the width on this picture to get away from that light patch. But it kept reverting back. Maybe I can try again another day. It is such a keeper.

I have been wondering what that little house is off to his right. It could be his chick house or play shed for his toys.

His mother sure knew how she could raise a farmer. You gotta love her attention and love for her children. I think this is Dwight. I have not seen that many pictures of Lyle, when he was small.

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