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More about the Vase stamped MZ austria Made in Austria

Austrian Vase
I have found a picture online that is much better than the close up picture, that I took with my camera. So here is the link to the stamped mark that I found on the bottom of the vase, which was in the Meyer cupboard. It is listed below the number 8 of 18.

Some description and examples here. Very gorgeous.

The stamped mark at the bottom is most like this one below. And the vase itself carries the basic design of the stamped design. In the others the curved lines are boaxed in or inclosed. In. this stamp it is not.

Notice the variety of that stamp. The closed boxyness of the design and the open swirl or swag of the design. I noticed also the boxy design has a stamp with a sideways v. Gosh what gorgeous dishes shown. I do have some very chipped sugar and creamers that might fit in here. I shall have to check on their stamp at a future date. I think it is my fault they got chipped. So gorgeous.

The others are so pretty with flowers and all. This vase is just a dark gray blue in nearly the same design as the insignia. I have not found the same vase on line yet.

The Mz Austria(1891-1913) marked on the bottom shown to be Moritz Zdekauer. He [Moritz Zdekauer] in 1884 purchased a factory in Altrohlau, Bohemia. The letters MZ have been maintained in the logo ever since, and still today at factory building. By1909 the factory was sold to C.M. Hutschenreuter [ the Hohenberg, Germany porcelain manufacturer] became the owner, and named it Altrohlau Porcelain Factories ... MZ Austria existed and depicts an era at the end of WWI. "By 1918 the Paris Peace Committee had created a new country" Bohemia became Czechoslovakia.

My research here has shown that it is from Bohemia, Austria. Which is fitting for it to be Anna Fogel or Vogel Seil. Czech Republic, Králický or Grulich [ hope that is spelled correctly for now.] I have not located the village on the map yet. It is a bit North on Polish border. I do know that Bohemia in Anna's home area to be now Czechoslovakia. I think she immigrated after 1900. I shall have to check records to be sure. I often confuse Greene county with Calhoun county, when I have to figure out, which one she lived in. So, I will have to refer back to records. But I believe it was Greene county, Iowa. I guess it depends on if she was living with August or with the Vogels.

The last time I used the image/ link in putting image from website on internet; I got a incomplete box. So I know better than to take census from the internet onto this blog at this time. I will edit the year, she immigrated in here. Some of the family lived in Illinois before moving to Iowa. August Seil was friends with Frank Vogel, before he married Anna. [Family of Joseph Vogel].

The Seil family, Annie and August William came from Dahlenburg. Annies mothers family the Korns and Coleman, Schmidt came from Gross Thondorf and Hildesheim.

We are not sure exactly where on the census the Vogel family lived in Illinois. I may have found it, I am not totally sure. I keep trying. As I try to find the Dohrmann family as well. No luck.

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Hi! I have just referenced your blog in my blog, which i just posted. My grandmother has this same china, and i did not know where the stamp came from, so my sister did some digging and we got to you! thank you so much, this is incredible information! Here is my link: