Monday, July 14, 2008

Life of Work Mixed In With Fun AT SUNNYSLOPE

For the Horses?
I am not sure who the riders are in this photograph. And it doesn't matter. The work horses that I remember they had on the farm in 1950's were called Jack and Joe. Sometime in 1950's they moved on to tractors. It was a big deal. Great Progress for them, because others in the neighborhood had already done so.

Mabel Johnson to the North West of Sunnyslope was into horses for riding. I don't know, if Fred was as a youngster. Also the Kelseys had horses for riding. I couldn't say who the mystery riders were. Possibly Meyer.

Note: I haven't dated the photo, yet, either. I am sorry it is a bit blurry. But part of the history, one cannot pass up.

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