Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who is this having a little Relaxation with the Meyer family?

I guess if someone was going to take the picure, It must have been a Questionable visitor from the friendly neighborhood or from Iowa? Nebraska? Maybe the mans wife is taking the picture. Cause I think the woman in the photo is Annie. Unless Annies is the photographer taking the picture.

Any one in the family have any Idea who this is? I have always liked that picture, cause I have thought the oldest boy looks a lot like Steven Meyer.

I wonder if the Meyer ever had a hammock? Perhaps it is someone elses house. I always thought he was dwight, but if the young one is Dwight it could not be. Maybe the young one is not Dwight.

I just don't know and need help. Comment please.


A rootdigger said...

With out checking death dates, I am wondering if that could be Gustav Jaeschke. The taller child could be Lyle and the child looking like a girl could be Dwight? Or it could be Gertrude Jaeschke. Sylvia always said that Dwight was dressed like a little girl in his photos in his youth. As many of those times were.

A rootdigger said...

tis Ted Soreson according to Mary Meyer. I will post another photo soon to see if he could be in that one as well.