Saturday, November 1, 2008

You can't go yet. Stay and have a little lunch.

That might mean a few sandwiches or cookies and Ice cream. Sometimes jello. Coffee or koolaid. I am not sure where the habit started. But guests could not leave until lunch was served. Especially on a sunday, when anyone came calling. Of course during the week, if you were Fred Kaiser down the road or someone else who really did have only a few minutes, you stayed in the car. And we would talk to you through the window.

After lunch and it was time to go, you get walked to the door and to your car and we stand and talk some more. And then finaly off you go. Waves and then after you were down the driveway for a bit, we would then go into the house.

Then on a certain day during the week, the lady of the house got a call to see, if there was any visiting news. If you got out of your car [lol] you were mentioned in the newspaper local column. Mr and Mrs Meyer had visitors Emma and Ben Johnson. Or Mr and Mrs Meyer visited the Fred Johnson home. It is a gold mine to find columns of news like that in the old local newspapers. You get to see what associations they had.

Return visits were expected.

Thats how it was. Back in the fifties, sixties at Sunnyslope farm.

So sit down comfy like, have a little lunch and stay awhile. I picked up this good receipe for A nice Carmel Apple Spice drink last month. Would you like to try some?.


Sabina said...

Yes I would!! Sounds delicious!!

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