Monday, January 5, 2009

Herman, Herrman, Hermann Meyer Names In The Meyer Family

Herman means something like gentleman in translation from German. There are not many Herman names in our family. [ My guess the reason is because it became outdated. ] If there are more, maybe someone should quick tell me before I become a lire.
I wish I knew which ancestor was the carrier of the name Herman [Herrman] and responsible for the first Herman [Henry ] in the family that I am aware of in Records and print I do know, who his birth god parents were, but neither were in full view on the baptism records in any variation of the name Herman.
Herman William 11 seems to have his future destination laid out into his little hands! Did he become a farmer? Maybe at some points in his life we can say that. I can tell you that at one time Herman the second did become a Future Farmer of America. [smile]
Note: THE ST. PETERS AND CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE: Front row- Ellnora Meyer, Mary Schroeder, Herman Seil, Herman Jaeschke, and Elmer Nahnsen. Back row- Louise Burger, Rudolph Nahnsen, Alfred Nahnsen, Arthur Burger, Elmer Seil, August Froehlich, and Fritz Schroeder. Note: Herman Seil is from another Seil family and are not related - Yet!

I think the reason the name was lay ed upon Herman 11 might be because of the Jaeschke family member who stayed and grew up with Herman seniors children. August and Anna Seil lived in another wing of the same house with Herman and Anna Seil. Annie Seil's step brother Herman stayed with them. [Along with Gertrude] More on Jaeschke and Seil later.

Maybe Herman 11 had a god parent with the name Herman in it?. His god parents were Ferdinand and Lucille Borchart. They were also members of the St. Pauls Lutheran church where little Herman attended. Ferdy Borchert family came from Farnhamville area of Iowa and carried connections to our Emma Gollwitzer Meyer family in Truman and Iowa. I am currently trying hard to find more on Ferdie's family which is difficult because they only had one child - Lucille.
Note: Check back for More to come on that connection of Gollwitzer.


We should congratulate Herman William 11 on his marriage in early December.
Sorry, I have no wedding photos to share.

Congratulations Herman and Virginia!


James Zubin said...

I'm not sure if the last comment I tried to make went through. Thank God for kids that make this easier. My name is Jim Zubin, what's yours? ;)

Anyway, I stumbled across your blog. I have a recording that my grandfather made around 1990. He is Emma Gollwitzer Meyer's sister and he mentions the accident that killed her and her family. Also, Ferd is my great uncle and my grandfather's first cousin. Uncle Ferd's daughter is living in New York last I heard. Her married name is Crane.

Please contact me if you would like me to email you the recording. You might find it interesting.


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A rootdigger said...

Thanks so much James, I missed the email about your comment. I will send a email to you soon. Sorry I missed this. I'd love to hear about that. And anything else you know.