Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Young Dwight with his Chick.

I altered the picture. Somehow the alteration was too shiny for the picture. I tried to cover the bent part. I had the picture protected, but not enough. somehow it got bent in the envelope. Which I will regret to my dying day.

So unfortunately you see here with all it's noise and the scratch on the photo. Also, there is not enough contrast between Dwight's clothing and his chick. perhaps an easier way to fix scratches is to go to straight black and white. I do wish I had a good photo restoration program like I had before. [sigh]

You see here Dwight is slightly older than the last time you saw him with his chicks. He is still a successful farmer, just not as fanciful dressed.
And Now Dwight has selected a slightly Older chick.

I still love this photo the most though. I love the grass and his bare feet and that hat. Annie was definately going for a certain type of Photo result. I think she achieved it. It is adorable. Or they are adorable.

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