Saturday, May 9, 2009

Special Wedding Photo Genealogy treat for Mothers Day

Isn't this a special treat. What we have here is a never before seen Wedding Photo of Herman and Annie. It seems to include the witnesses and Flower girls. This Photo is not enhanced. Perhaps on another day, I will. It locked up on me a moment ago.

Now who is everyone. I think that Herman's brother, Fred was a witness. I don't believe Fred was married then yet. And I think the other witness was one of his sisters. I hate to say with out checking first. If I recall correctly, I think both of his witnesses died shortly after.

Anyone recognize the faces in the photograph. Looking into the photo notice on the bottom right side a young blond. I bet she is Gertrude. I am not sure who it is on the left. I had not even imagined that she had flower girls in the wedding. How did she pick among her little sisters for that job. Perhaps just the youngest two.

I shall have to get out some dates of birth for her sisters and the exact date of this wedding to make this an accurate post.

I have also forgotten where I got this special Wedding photo?

For now enjoy this as it is.

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